October Tales 2009

Westover’s October Tales 2009
By Jeanne Champion-Fisch

Saturday, October 24th began at 5 a.m. with baking cupcakes for Westover Library’s annual October Tales scheduled for 4 to 6:30 p.m. that afternoon.
After storms all day Friday into the early hours that Saturday, would we be able to pull this off?
With the winds and the low temperatures, it felt more like winter than autumn. But that did not stop us.

Halloween boxes filled with decorations, lights, and streamers were delivered to the park.
Trick or treat bags were already prepared – having been assembled by the Westover Seniors group during their Wednesday meeting. They are always helpful with our city projects – what would we do without them?
The city park began to transform into an October Tales wonderland at around 6 a.m. with the winds still howling.
We started putting up Halloween lights, ghosts, spiders, cats, and witches.
The park was beginning to look festively different.

A large inflatable was delivered around noon and we began to blow it up.
Oh, no! It would not inflate completely. Panicky thoughts raced through my mind – images of disappointed children!
We worked feverishly – checking the inflatable, calling the company, re-checking the inflatable for open flaps.
Finally, success! We found the last open flap.
Once that was closed, the inflatable became a huge Choo Choo Train with a bouncing area and a slide for the children to enjoy!

We continued putting up the last minute decorations.
Annette Tyler hurried home to cook the hot dogs and to bring the rest of the food.
I was putting the last bit of icing on the last cupcake when the children began to arrive.
Also, the clouds began to dissolve, the sun began to shine, and the winds died down. Perfect timing!

The children played, ate, and listened to Halloween stories for another successful October Tales. A good time was had by all.

I want to thank everyone who assisted with their individual contributions of time and effort: putting up decorations, delivering and picking up supplies, preparing food, working with the inflatable, filling trick-or-treat bags, cleaning up, etc.

For some reason, it does not take nearly as long to take everything down as it does to put it all up.

Thanks to everyone’s participation, Westover’s 2009 October Tales was a huge success!