Local Business Directory

Business NamePhone Number
280 Animal Medical Center(205) 678-8253
Anita’s Place(205) 283-2101
B'Lovely Salon(205) 677-2300
B & T Services Electrical(205) 283-9649
Blackberry Farm(205)790-2929
Building Materials Wholesale(205) 815-6882
Camelot Manor(205) 243-5214
CB & I Contractors(205) 678-9224
Champs Air Solution(205)678-7729
Chappell Carpets(205) 678-6223
Citgo(205) 678-0465
Clements Dean Building Company, LLC(205)678-4295
Coastal Tobacco(205)678-8277
Conn Equipment(256) 245-4211
Davis Metal Roofing & Supply(205)677-4090
Diehl Avionics, Inc(205)678-7101
Dollar General(205) 793-0260
Eddleman Properties(205)871-9755
GeoStone, Retaining Wall Systems, Inc(205) 678-9969
Grave’s Services(205) 678-2024
Heart of Dixie Game Calls(205) 678-9821
Honea Family Dentistry(205)678-7773
Integrity Heating and Air(205) 229-7715
J&J Junk Sale(205)678-8197
J. Mark McLaughlin, LLC(205) 678-9079
Kidder Financial Group, Inc(205) 980-9991
Kovakas Food Pantry in Wilsonville(205)365-6001
Kovakas Realty, Inc.(205) 678-2441
Larry Cain Realty(205) 678-9000
L.R.V. Mini Storage(205) 678-8007
Michael Morgan Industrial, LLC(205)677-4176
Midway Stores(205) 678-8432
National Locating and Recovery(800)782-3950
New Images(205) 678-6957
O N E Surplus(205) 678-8188
Owens House, The Shelby County CAC(205) 669-3333
Pardue Painting(205) 678-2006
Platypi(205) 588-4232
Rambo Marine(205) 678-4321
Rock Hurst Farm(205)902-3948
Ruff Kutts Grooming(256)404-1012
S & L Home Services Handyman/Carpenter(205) 834-4461
ServPro(205) 678-2224
Shaw Motors(205) 678-7900
Shelby County Structures(205)613-3003
Shelby County Water Services(205)678-2818
Skiers Marine(205) 678-9099
Smith's Farm(205)678-6994
Sudden Development.(205) 678-9344
Superiorscape, Inc.(205) 678-2425
Taylor Towing(205) 678-7830
Telegraph Creative(205) 983-8080
Teshua Farms(205) 208-9259
Vanderslice Tire & Wrecker Service(205) 669-0339
Wan-Bon Gas(205) 678-6681
Westover 280 Self Storage(205) 678-7454
Westover Family Dentistry(205) 678-7773
Weygand Surveyors, Inc(205) 942-0086
Woodland Village(205) 678-9080

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